Friday, September 14, 2012

FlameStower - Charge the World

Converting waste heat from any open flame direct into electricity, we're putting energy into the hands of people who need it most, right now. 

"FlameStower creates off-grid, energy efficient solutions now, designed for durability and ease of use for those who need it most” 

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FlameStower rethinks energy. Our product - a small, portable generator that captures waste heat from campfires, cook stoves, any open flame and converts it directly into useable electricity - is designed for off-grid locations where mobile phone use far outreaches grid availability. People need an affordable, any time solution to bridge the “IT Divide," and we believe FlameStower is the solution.
FlameStower keeps all of us online when we're off-grid:
  • outdoor adventurers who want a light-weight, easy to use, durable power supply
  • professionals requiring reliability over all else, no fragile parts, an ideal solution where IT lasts mere hours
  • communities in the developing world where there are no power lines.
Its not a lot of energy, but the low power demands of modern devices fundamentally change global energy strategies: one of the most powerful tools the world has known – a cellphone allowing instant communication and limitless knowledge – now fits in your pocket and needs only five volts to keep going.
We charge cell phones. But we do it in a way that eases the demand for power grids throughout the world, encouraging energy efficiency from everyday activities and giving all people the power of electricity, anywhere, any time. 

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