Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Los Angeles to New York in Under an Hour? Tell Me More!

"There’s talk of a train, of sorts, that will allow us to get from Los Angeles to New York in under an hour. It’s a Hyperloop system and it would travel at speeds of 4,000 mph. I’m no Rocket Scientist, but I feel confident saying it: that’s fast. The projected price to travel in a six person “capsule” in this elevated tube system? A hundred bucks. I’m in. I’m so damn in. I’m also claustrophobic, but come on! This is some serious A Wrinkle in Time s**t!"
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POV ride on Steel Vengeance, Cedar Point's newest coaster opening in 2018!

Steel Vengeance will debut when Cedar Point opens for the 2018 season. The steel/wood hybrid will break 10 coaster records. FULL DETAILS H...